Skype Me™! Alatorre   &  Phraner   Tax   Services offers  US tax preparation services in English & Hungarian.

Our office can be reached all year round via our new Hungarian Skype(
TM) phone number
Tel / Voicemaill:
36 21 252-3369  So now I can be reached using a Hungarian number.  Please
call between 4:00pm and 2:00 am Hungarian time to reach me in the US office during regular
business hours.

ID:   lloyd_aptaxes

Next planned visit to Hungary will be from mid May to mid June of 2009,  However he is always
available via email or the above Skype(
TM). Lloyd W  Phraner,  EA, is a  tax advisor  who can be
reached at the following numbers while in Budapest

Mobil:            36 30-498-2806

Magyar származású Phraner Lloyd Amerikai adótanácsadó aki májustól június közekéig
Magyarországon tartózkodik.  Magyar Telefon szám
36 (21) 252-3369
Skype Me™!